Operations Support

Our operations support provides an invaluable human resource to your health and safety management team, who will assist in the planning and implementing of policies and programs, as well as act as an on-site advisor. Prior to the planning and implementation stage, the support person will review existing policies and procedures, ensuring the OHSA and regulations are being achieved, and if not, to account for this is their planning.

Elements of a health and safety policy

1. General statement of intent, which pertains to the importance of legal obligations being met, assessments of relevent areas, clear communication etc.

2. Roles and Responsibilties, where the organizational heirarchy and role specific responsiblities are explained

3. Management and Execution, where the transparency of both management and the worker's commitment to health and safety through the implementation of specific procedures ie. Near miss reporting.

Hazard assessments and workplace inspections will be the responsibility of the support staff, followed by the subsequent development of controls. With this comes the necessity of safety talks, making your staff aware of changes to areas such as controls, practices, and procedures

Procedure types include:

Safe work procedures

Emergency procedures

Rescue procedures

Training procedures

Reporting and investigation procedures

The relationship between our advisor and your human resources manager will be a transparent and constructive one, improving on recruiting and the training of these recruits if currently insufficient. Streamlining of redundant and ineffective processes is a crucial responsibility of our support staff, enhancing your company’s efficiency and ultimately saving on unnecessary spending. In addition to these functions, investigations and reports on violations and incidents alike will be conducted and completed by your Aceis support person.

Our role as the investigator

We will review your documentation and current policies to identify gaps that contributed to the occurence of the incident. As in any investigation, interviews serve as great outlets for gaining insight and information. Knowing the right questions to ask will in turn get you the right answers, further developing an understanding of how the incident could have occured. Shadowing workers can present gaps and inconsistencies that would go potentially unoticed by any other method of investigation. That is why our investgation system is comprehensive and all encompassing, to gaurantee that nothing goes unoticed.