Health and Safety Excellence program

With the Health and Safety Excellence program you can enjoy rebates and industry recognition as a safe employer. Let the professionals at Aceis Group be the ones to guide you through it.
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Update Your Health and Safety Program

The laws are constantly changing and if your health and safety procedures and policies don't change with them your company and employees could be susceptible to injury and fines. Let us take a look at your health and safety program and get you up to date with a plan to stay up to date.
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Get Through COR

We can help you get through the COR process. Let us know your situation and timeline and we will get started working towards getting you certified.

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Here at Aceis Group we know that health and safety is a large part of your business. We also know that keeping track of, and up to date with, all the different aspects of health and safety can be time consuming. For these reasons we provide a wide range of services geared towards keeping your customers and employees safe while reducing your headache dealing with all of it. Whether it is training for your new and existing employees, or a refresh of your standards and policies, we at Aceis Group offer the services you require to keep up with ever changing standards and regulations.






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Why Choose Us

Quality Programs

Our trainers and consultants are certified and passionate about safety to get your company the highest quality health and safety solutions.

Quick Turnaround

In safety, time is of the essence. We will work with your timeframe to get your new programs implemented as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

COR Audits

COR can help you meet the newest safety standards and keep those big clients. We have experience helping companies through the COR process.

Customized Services

Templates will only take you so far. The safety requirements of each company can differ greatly and we will customize our services to fit you.

We help you develop a health and safety plan that accounts for all aspects of your company, ensuring you have a solid set of policies to ensure worker and workplace safety.


Implementation of new plans and policies can be greatly assisted by a third party. Workers get set in their ways and sometimes it takes an outside view to make big changes.


Continue improving with regular reviews of implemented plans and policies. Build on those that work well and rethink anything that that doesn’t fulfill your companies standards.