COR, or the Certificate of Recognition, is a certification for companies to standardize the way workplaces deal with health and safety. This process, while beneficial for the health and safty of a workplace, and even a requirement in some cases, can be a daunting process to get through. It isn’t just about getting a couple workers trained and creating a few policies. COR is about changing your workplace culture so that each and every employee works towards a safer workplace. At Aceis Group we have COR consultants that have already been through this process and are waiting to help you through it as well.

As mentioned before, COR is a pre-qualification requirement for contracts with both public and private-sector construction projects in Ontario. Our consultants understand that COR is a requirement for any business that’s looking to expand (or in some cases keep) their existing customer base. This means tight deadlines and long hours sometimes but at Aceis Group the customer comes first.

The first attempt at getting through COR can seem like a huge undertaking. Our professional consultants can help you assess the current state of your health and safety program and health and safety management system to see just how much time and effort is going to be required to get through the COR process.

COR is all about a culture of health and safety in the workplace. This means every single person from management to workers are working towards a safer workplace. Our COR consultants will not only help you implement programs and policies to achieve COR, but also, maintain COR.

Some of the services we offer to help you achieve COR:

  • Gap analysis
  • Training program reviews and implementation
  • Workplace/jobsite hazard identification
  • Workplace/jobsite risk assessments
  • Health and safety program development
  • Emergency response planning and reviews
  • Joint health and safety committee assistance
  • Health and safety management system implementation

This is only part of how our consultants at Aceis Group will help you achieve COR. We will be there to assist you through inspections from the MOL as well as ensure you are ready for your internal audits.

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