WSIB Excellence Program

The WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program was created to provide employers with a means of working with approved providers, such as Aceis Group, to develop their health and safety management systems, improve their workplaces, establish industry recognition as an employer dedicated to the wellbeing of their staff, and access financial rebates.

Our Experience

As an approved provider for the Health and Safety Excellence program since 2020, we have been a provider for almost as long as the program has existed. That is only of course our direct experience with the program. Outside the HSEp Aceis Group has developed health and safety programs for many companies as well as helped companies through the COR process. Not just construction; we have worked with companies in varying industries of varying sizes which gives us a good understanding of the challenges that you may face within your company when implementing health and safety systems. Not only that, but we also started out as a small construction company. This gives us a bit of direct insight into how to help you best as we have been through this all before.

How Can Aceis Help

As an approved provider of the Health and Safety Excellence program we will help you through the topics of your choice from the initial selection down to the final submission for approval.

There are four components to our program:

  1. Businesses select Aceis Group as their WSIB-approved provider to work with, complete an assessment to help determine where they should start in their health and safety journey and develop an action plan to work on health and safety topics of their choice.
  2. Businesses learn how to complete topics with the help of Aceis Group.
  3. Businesses submit evidence of their topic completion for review by a WSIB validator.
  4. Businesses receive a rebate on their WSIB premiums and recognition for investing in a healthier and safer workplace, such as digital achievement badges.

Our Services

Our Comprehensive Program

This program is meant for small to large businesses that may have a wide range of health and safety policies and procedures already in place throughout the company. This is for companies looking to further their health and safety by making their way up to the advanced tier of the Health and Safety Excellence program. This program offers a 48 hour response time for all your questions and additional 1 on 1 meetings to discuss your progress.

When choosing our comprehensive program you are choosing Aceis Group for it’s service and experience. We started out as a small construction company facing many of the same challenges your company may be facing today. We understand the hurdles to implementing health and safety as well as how difficult it can be without any assistance. One of our biggest issues for our own company was simply knowing where to start with certain aspects of the business in terms of policies and procedures. This experience lets us assist your company on a more meaningful level than some other providers may be able to; this is the benefit to choosing the Aceis Group comprehensive program.

How do I enrol?

Contact us using the form below to find out more about the WSIB Excellence program and how it can help your business.