Management Systems

Management systems go above and beyond the health and safety of a workplace. Having an effective management system improves your ability to keep track of your companies health and safety. Not only that but an effective management system can make it easier to identify hazards and risk in the workplace, keeping employees and customers healthy and safe.

Our Experience

Simply put, we have done it. We have worked with a number of companies getting their health and safety management systems setup not to mention our own. This has given us a good view of the changing requirements for different companies as well as experience in working with the different systems so we can show you the ins and outs. As an added benefit when getting our own management system setup at Aceis Group we had the benefit of working with a few smaller startups as well as with some of the larger names in the space. This has given us a great understanding of what is available as well as limitations that may arise.

How Can Aceis Help

Management systems help you conduct your daily tasks with less daily effort and more over all control. Developing systems to control confined spaces, manage SDS, or bring documentation to a digital platform enabling you to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed, without necessarily dedicating a person to their upkeep

Our focus on your management systems is system development, system managing, and system introduction/implementation. Given your companies current standing, one service or a combination of the services may be required. We will assess your current infrastructure, discuss your concerns as well as your vision for your system, and from that pursue and undertake the service(s) required.

Some of the more common systems that companies use in terms of their health and safety are:

  • MSDS Online
  • eCompliance

These systems, and eCompliance specifically, allow companies to keep track of a wide variety of health and documentation. This is the key to a good management system. Get away from the binders and allow a program to do the heavy lifting while you keep your company safe and sound. The biggest problem with this is the initial switch. Going from a binder system, or something more excel based, can be a bit of a pain to get setup with even the best management system. Learning how to navigate through all the functionality can seem overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Let us help you through the initial stages of deployment so you can keep doing the things that make your company money while we set you up to be the safest you can be.

Our Services

  • Consultation – determine the best setup for your business
  • Management system implementation
  • Data entry
  • Procedure development and training

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