Fundamentals of Supervision

Our Fundamentals of Supervising course will give employees the edge in the workplace. When an employee is promoted to a supervisory position there are many different techniques and strategies that will allow them to be effective. Our fundamentals of supervising course will give an employee these tools. This course will not only cover the legal responsibilities of a supervisor, but also effective communication skills and motivational techniques that will help in such a position.

Course Sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Elements of Supervising
  3. Motivation & Communication
  4. Legal Responsibilities
  5. Health & Safety Programs
  6. Emergencies and Investigations

Course Goals

The central objectives for this course are to provide participants with:

  • information about the different costs associated with incidents in a workplace
  • the ability to navigate and properly understand regulations in the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • statistics about the average workforce in the industry
  • an understanding of the regulations associated with all aspects in control of the employee
  • the ability to effectively communicate to all employees
  • an understanding of the emergency procedures for the workplace
  • the ability to deal with disputes, equipment issues, and other workplace issues

Extra Info:

This course only addresses the general knowledge portion of the worker education requirement for maintaining a supervisory position. Site-specific training on actual equipment and procedures is also required. Please ask for details.