Accident Investigation

Our Accident Investigation course gives participants a practical understanding of how to adequately investigate a workplace accident to determine the root cause. When an accident occurs there can be multiple causes but by identifying the root cause, recommendations can be made to eliminate the hazard entirely. The course also addresses how to properly conduct an investigation as well as how to make effective recommendations that will be followed.

Course Sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Investigation Process
  3. Reports and Documentation
  4. Determining Root Causes
  5. Recommendations and Follow Up

Course Objectives:

The central objective for this course is to provide participants with;

  • An understanding of the importance in determining the root cause for an incident.
  • Proper investigation protocols, such as what to look for, who to speak to, and how to properly document findings.
  • Information about the materials that may be required to conduct a complete and accurate investigation
  • An understanding of the importance of all aspects of the investigation process, from interviews to the follow up.
  • The knowledge to take all the factors involved in an accident and filter out the causes from the root causes in order to make effective recommendations.
  • The importance of a post-investigation follow up.
  • Examples to help determine the root cause of an accident.