5 Benefits of Joining the WSIB Excellence Program

The WSIB Excellence program aims to create a network between businesses and WSIB approved providers. It is designed to connect companies to providers that have the experience to help design, maintain, or upgrade health and safety policies, procedures, and systems in general.


WSIB Excellence program, Benefits, Rebates

The WSIB Excellence program awards your organization for developing health and safety programs in the form of Rebates. The Rebates are influenced by the ability of a business to influence its premium rates. The more influence to your premiums, the more rebates you can receive from the WSIB.

Organizations are divided into 1 of 2 different levels – low or high predictability. Depending upon your producibility level you can earn back 1.4% to 2% of your overall WSIB premiums.

One great part about these rebates is the minimum rebate floor of $1000 per completed topic, which can be beneficial for companies having a low WSIB annual premium or that already have extensive safety systems in place. On the other end, organizations can earn up to 75% of their annual WSIB premium. The maximum cap for the rebate is $50,000 per completed topic. 

Guidance from an Experienced provider

Health and safety is complicated and can be different for similar companies. Without the insight of an experienced professional a company can end up with a health and safety system that goes over budget and ends up being ineffective as a whole. Small things that can be easy to miss are the biggest aspect an experienced health and safety professional can provide. Working with different companies and seeing the different ways danger can arise can give a better, more complete perspective of potential dangers.

Creating an environment of safety

WSIB Excellence program, Benefits, creating an environment of safety

Joining the WSIB Excellence program shows your company’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees, customers and partners. It ensures that your company has plans and policies in place to protect your workers from accidents, hazards, etc.

This also helps in avoiding the costs of unsafe and unhealthy workplaces which are more likely to cause accidents. 

Improving Company’s Reputation 

WSIB Excellence program, Benefits, Improving company's reputation

Companies that understand and utilize health and safety programs are looked upon favourably by internal as well as external clients. It also helps in attracting new clients, a talented workforce and investors interested in working with a reputed company. The overall safer work environment also distances the company from any unwarranted and negative public attention.


WSIB Excellence program, Benefits, Recognition

The WSIB Excellence program also recognizes an organization for creating their health and safety program in the form of Badges issued. These badges are awarded as you participate in the Health and Safety Excellence Program, they also show others the level that you have completed. 

These badges can be used on a company website, emails, advertisements etc. They are also displayed under business profiles in safety stats building a reputation in health and safety for the company. 

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