5 Benefits of Joining the WSIB Excellence Program

The WSIB Excellence program aims to create a network between businesses and WSIB approved providers. It is designed to connect companies to providers that have the experience to help design, maintain, or upgrade health and safety policies, procedures, and systems in general. rEBATES The WSIB Excellence program awards your organization for developing health and safety … Read more

5 steps of Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety Management is a crucial part of any business irrespective of its size or industry. It not only helps in building a positive reputation for the business but also boosts financial performance by cutting down accident-related costs. The 5 steps listed below are an essential part of any Health and Safety program developed … Read more

Hurdles to Implementing a Safety Management System

Implementing a health and safety management system may appear like a difficult job. Health & safety management systems are tools that help associations continually improve its health and safety performance. They contain organizational elements that follow a continuous cycle of planning, implementing, checking, and improving.  When developing and implementing a health and safety systems at any workplace, it is important to remember that communication is key … Read more

What is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System

An Occupational Health & Safety Management system is a coordinated & systematic approach to managing the health & safety risks. OHSMS help associations to constantly improve their compliance to health & safety standards and legislations. By doing so, OHSMS becomes more effective in consistently identifying hazards, mitigating risks and minimize the potential for incidents/illness.  Benefits of a Occupational Health & Safety … Read more

Assessing Hazards for COR

COR, or the Certificate of Recognition, is a certification for companies to try and standardize the way workplaces deal with health and safety. In Ontario, this accreditation process is just coming into effect, which means many companies are not aware of the difficulties in receiving certification, as well as holding onto it once received.

The COR Process

The Certificate of Recognition program is an undertaking which ultimately credits companies which demonstrate the highest health and safety standards in practice today. With every certification comes a rigorous process in through which it is to be obtained.

Importance of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is the foundation for preserving  health and safety in the workplace. It is meant to protect workers from any hazards that are presented on the job by providing everyone on the worksite the framework to achieve a safer place to work. This piece of legislation is very important for … Read more