Custom Training Solutions

All-purpose health and safety solutions are non-existent in effective training. Training must be subject specific and customized to the particular task that will be subsequently completed by the worker in training. This being the case, our trainers and consulting team work hand in hand to create and implement company and task customized training. Given hazards, processes, and policies that vary in complexity, companies will benefit exponentially from the custom training services Aceis Group has to offer. Whether you have existing programs or no training program in place at all, we will analyze what requirements must be met and collaborate with your training staff or safety representative, pursuing the best options and channels, ultimately getting your staff trained and certified.

Our five-step process to undertaking a company’s custom training program:

Analyze- We will inspect the areas and the tasks you require the involved employees to complete customized training for. If a current program exists, we will familiarize ourselves with it, modify it, expand it, whatever it takes to tailor it to the task, at the company’s discretion.

Identify- Given the tasks employees are to be trained for, processes and practices will be documented as well as hazards and necessary controls, giving our staff the details necessary to then develop the training.

Develop- Training will be crafted and a method of delivery will be chosen. At this point areas of improvement will be discussed and if required included into the program before the initial delivery.

Deliver- Depending on a variety of factors, a delivery method is chosen. Delivery methods include online, on-site, and in-class. Some jobs may require a combination of the methods to ensure the desired and required standard.

Evaluate- After completing the custom training for the first time, our staff and yours will collectively outline areas for improvement for subsequent use of the training.