Fundamentals of Fall Protection

The primary objective of the this Fall Protection (Fall Arrest) Program is to provide participants with an understanding of their responsibilities when working in areas where fall hazards exist, the correct usage and inspection of the required equipment, the critical controls necessary to reduce the risk of a fall.
Our comprehensive course meets all Federal and Provincial Health and Safety legislative requirements for all provinces. The course has six sections with each section having a corresponding review quiz to reinforce and verify the participants understanding of the material. All questions are reviewed to ensure complete understanding of not only the answer but the principals behind it. To fully attain the attention of all participants a combination of hands-on, oral, and visual learning, as well as group discussion and open communication will be used to deliver each topic.

Course Sections:

Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems
General Responsibilities
Fall Arrest Systems
Fall Hazards and Controls
Inspection of Equipment
Donning a Fall Arrest harness & Securing it

** Optional Hands-on Ladder Training Available (industry specific)

Course Goals:

The central objectives for this course are to provide participants with the ability to:

Describe Fall Arrest & Fall Protection systems;
Explain applicable legislation & how it effects the worker;
Explain the different types of fall protection systems;
Identify workplace hazards and corresponding safety equipment;
Explain the physics of a fall;
Explain the correct set up and usage of fall restraint and arrest systems;
Identify and explain the key points of a rescue plan;
Correctly inspect equipment and harnesses;
Correctly don a 5 Point Harness.



This course only addresses the general Fall Arrest & Protection knowledge portion of the worker education requirement. Site-specific training on actual equipment and procedures is also required.