The Aceis technical rescue team specializes in confined spaces rescue, entry/ non-entry rescue, and fall arrest rescue. Our unit is skilled and equipped with abilities for undertaking emergency rescues that lay outside the scopes of the EMS and firefighting service. A misconception to uninformed employers and managers is that in the event a rescue in imminent, a simple 9-1-1 call will suffice, and the following response will be adequate. Informed employers and managers know that this is not the case. It is required by law for an emergency response plan and on-site rescue procedure to be written, on-hand, and implemented in an emergency. This process takes detail orientation to the extreme, evidently being the framework that will ultimately decide whether an endangered worker lives or dies. This being the case, as your company has enough responsibility fulfilling its business and surrounding obligations, we will take on this obligation for you. Training your employees and purchasing or renting the equipment necessary is costlier than contracting the task out to an already trained and equipped unit. Moreover, having participated in numerous rescues of various complexity and severity, rest assured that our unit is more than capable to respond and rescue, no matter the circumstance.

Confined Spaces Rescue Service

Sites that we often service include:

  • underground vaults
  • storage silos
  • storage tanks
  • Sewers

Our rescue unit meets the legislated standard outlines by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. In order to fulfill clause (b), our team will become familiar with your emergency response plan and develop a set of procedures so that it can be successfully implemented.

Section 11 - Confined Spaces Regulation (O. Reg. 632/05)

(3)  The persons shall be trained in,

  • a) First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • b) On-site rescue procedures in accordance with the relevant plan; and
  • c) Use of the rescue equipment required by the relevant plan.


We will ensure the obligations listed below are met, as well as provide the equipment necessary for rescue.

Section 12 - Confined Spaces Regulation (O. Reg. 632/05)

(1)  The employer shall ensure that the rescue equipment identified in the relevant plan is,

  • a) readily available to effect a rescue in the confined space;
  • b) appropriate for entry into the confined space; and
  • c) inspected as often as is necessary to ensure it is in good working order, by a person with adequate knowledge, training and experience who is appointed by the employer.