Life of B.C Security Guard Claimed on set of "Falling Skies"

Just last monday an incident regarding a security officer on the set of "Falling Skies" was fataly wounded.

Scott McCloy, of WorkSafeBC says the accident happened Monday night on the Burnaby, B.C. set of the TV series Falling Skies. He mentions that a 5-ton truck was parked on a slope to be unloaded. The truck began to roll down the hill and the security guard was pinned to a tree.

McCloy says the unidentified worker was taken to Royal Columbia Hospital in New Westminster, B.C., but died of his injuries.

This is a great example of the hazards that we all face on a day to day basis, not only in the workplace. It is easy to remember to put on your hard hat when there are falling objects. Just the same when lifting sharp objects it should be almost automatic to put on gloves. Other aspects of health and safety are not quite as in your face.


In the case of this tragic accident lets think of ways it could have been avoided.

Firstly, parking on a hill to unload a truck right away adds to any risk that the workers are being exposed to. In a similar situation, if the truck was parked on a flat surface then chances are the truck would not have gotten away from the workers and rolled in to the security guard. This is not neccessarily a safety measure that could have been used though. Depending on the surroundings the workers may have had no choice but to park the truck on the hill to unload; there just may have been to many objects in the way wherever there was flat road.

Assuming that this area is the only place closeby that the truck could use for unloading, the next best thing would be to ensure the brakes in the truck are functioning properly an applied. The details have not been released as to whether this was done or not, but it can be assumed that somewhere along the lines the breaks were disengaged, allowing the truck to succumb to the slope of the hill.

One of the best options in a situation such as this would be to ensure that the security guard, and any other workers / pedestrians that are not required for the specific task - unloading the truck in this example - are a safe distance away from the area were the work is being done. In this scenario, if the security guard was not near the truck when it began to roll down the hill then he would not have been pinned to the tree, which caused his fatal injuries. Again this may not have been possible depending on the specific situation on set that day, and it could have come down to some sort of mechanical failure, but there are always options when it comes to health and safety.