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In this section you can keep up with all the updates that are happening in class. 

On the left side you will find useful links for getting familiar with different aspects of occupational health and safety, they contain a lot of information but can be very helpful. The leadership links are specifically aimed towards the actual management of people, as that is a lot of what a Supervisor is.

On the right side you will find files and different regulations that may be useful to you in the workplace. There are also a couple cost calculators that can be used just so you can see just how expensive health ad safety can be.

Enjoy your stay from all of us at Aceis Group, and always remember Stay Safe!


Post 1 - Introduction

This has taken longer than expected to get this posted. Also nothing is posted on blackboard yet only because I am still having troubles with my access information. This is being resolved.

Until then, you can find a link to the slides for the introduction class below.

*Note - rememeber that the book package contains much more information than the presentation. They are made to go together.

Introduction Presentation PDF

PPT Presentation


Occupational Health and Safety Act

Get a hard copy of the GREEN Book, the official Occupational Health and Safety Act provided by the MOL

Buy the Occupational Health and Safety Act from the MOL - The Green Book

For a digital version you can go to

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Construction Regulation 213/91


Post 2 - Law

The joint health and safety committe, health and safety representative and orker trades committees are a very important part of the health and safety of a workplace. These workplace parties have some extra responsibilities then other workers and supervisors.

You can read more about them at the link below, it is also available in the left column.

JHSC and WTC Guide

You can find a short set of questions that you can use to ask yourself whenever you try to decide whether you need a JHSC or WTC below as well as an updated table to identify the same.

Set of Questions - Ask yourself when determining JHSC requirements (PDF)

Updated JHSC / WTC Table (DOCX)


Post 3 - Site Emergencies and Control

When inspecting remember to use the RAC system.

The what system?

Recognize -> Assess -> Control


After recognition, the hazard assessment matrix is a standard table that can be used to help determine the hazards and issues to resolve first. IT is crucial when it comes to prioritizing in the workplace, which is important for a supervisor.

Hazard Assessment Matrix (PDF)


 POST 4 - Programs / Documentation

Files List