Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Our Transportation of Dangerous Goods course meets all federal Occupational Health and Safety legislative requirements for all provinces. The course has 5 modules with each section having a corresponding review quiz to reinforce and verify the participant's understanding of the material. All questions are reviewed to ensure complete understanding of not only the answer but the principals behind it. Once each module has been successfully completed you will take the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Final Test and be awarded with a certificate upon success.

Course Sections:

Laws, Regulations, Governing Agencies
Classes and Schedules for Dangerous Goods
Labels and Safety Marks
Personal Protective Equipment
Reporting and ERAP's (Emergency Response Assistance Plan)

Course Goals:

The central objectives for this course is to provide participants with:

An understanding of the laws and regulations involved in the transportation of dangerous goods.
The knowledge to recognize hazardous materials based on labels, classes, and safety marks
The ability to recognize a materials hazardous qualities based on its classification.
The importance of difference aspects of transporting dangerous goods such as UN numbers, Schedules, and Packing Groups
An understanding of the appropriate emergency measures to minimize the effects of any incident dealing with dangerous goods
The ability to use and maintain the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to minimize hazardous situations.
The report requirements in case of accidental release of hazardous materials
The ability to safely contain and transport dangerous goods


This course only deals with the general knowledge needed for use when transporting dangerous goods. Additional site-specific training required.