Rigging and Hoisting

Our Rigging / Hoisting course is comprised of multiple sections corresponding to the different concepts and standards associated with such tasks in the workplace. This course will go over the regulations for rigging and hoisting in the workplace as set out by the government, as well as different procedures and equipment that is used in the field.

Course Length:

40 hours

Course Sections:

  1. Hoisting and rigging hazards
  2. Fibre rope, knots, and hitches
  3. Hardware, wire rope, and slings
  4. Rigging tools and devices
  5. Hazard awareness in crane operations

Course Goals

The central objectives for this course are to provide participants with the ability to:

  • understand and abide by the rules an regulations concerning rigging and hoisting in the workplace
  • use the appropriate type of knot for the appropriate task
  • identify tools and equipment specific to the rigging industry
  • give and understand hand signals in situations requiring them
  • identify potential rigging hazards


Extra Info:

You will recieve a wallet sized certificate of completion.

This course only addresses the general WHMIS knowledge portion of the worker education requirement. Site-specific training on actual materials and procedures is also required.