Fire Extinguisher Safety

Our Fire Extinguisher Safety course meets all federal Occupational Health and Safety legislative requirements for all provinces. The course has 4 modules with each section having a corresponding review quiz to reinforce and verify the participant’s understanding of the material. All questions are reviewed to ensure complete understanding of not only the answer but the principals behind it. Once each module has been successfully completed you will take the Fire Extinguisher Safety Final Test and be awarded with a certificate upon success.

Course Sections:

  1. The Classes of Fire
  2. Types of Fire Extinguisher
  3. Using and maintaining a Fire Extinguisher
  4. Fire Prevention

Course Goals:

The central objectives for this course is to provide participants with:

  • An understanding of the fire triangle and the ingredients needed for a fire
  • The knowledge to identify the different classifications of fire
  • The knowledge of each classification of fire and which types of fire extinguishers are used for each and why
  • The laws and regulations for fire extinguisher placement and records
  • The knowledge to use a fire extinguisher properly
  • The knowledge to maintain a fire extinguisher
  • Information about different techniques that can be used to prevent a fire or contain a fire that has already begun.



This course deals general fire information and fire extinguisher use and maintenance information. Site-specific fire safety training is required