An Introduction to Workplace Health and Safety

The primary objective of An Introduction to Workplace Health and Safety course is to enrich management's knowledge of health and safety in the workplace. This course covers the basics of multiple health and safety related topics, to give the participant a better idea of what is required by all workplace parties and the laws that affect them.
Supervisors and managers need to understand the law's, health and safety, requirements of their business. As part of being a competent supervisor or competent person; The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires knowledge of the Act and the duties of workplace parties, this course will attribute to this proficiency. These are just two components of the Introduction to Workplace Health & Safety course.
This course is excellent for people in the employment services industry as it will give participants a better understanding of both the needs and requirements of both their clients and their employers. 

Course Duration:

4 hours

Course Sections:

  1. Health and Safety Law
  2. Workplace Parties
  3. The Business Case
  4. Training Requirements
  5. WHMIS Overview
  6. Domestic Violence in the Workplace - NEW

Course Goals:

The central objectives for this course are to provide participants with the ability to:

  • Understand the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • Understand the Employment Standards Act
  • Define "competent person" & "competent worker"
  • Explain the duties of a worker, supervisor, and an employer;
  • Describe the rights of a worker;
  • Identify the financial reasoning behind health and safety;
  • Training requirements by job type;
  • Describe what WHMIS is;
  • Explain the WHMIS product classification process;
  • Define the Hazard Classification System; identify its components and exemptions
  • Identify the information on MSDS;
  • Introduce new regulation requirements for addressing domestic violence in the workplace - NEW