Hazard Assessments

The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act states the legal requirement for employers to take every reasonable precaution to protect workers, ensure transparency of information and processes, and to provide and verify that workers are equipped with the appropraite personal protective equipment. Hazard identifying and assessing is a requirement set by the OHSA. The findings of a hazard assessment must be supplemented by employer and management engagment in establishing controls, eliminating or reducing the risks posed by the hazards. Forgoing hazard assessments will result in legal action for not complying with the OHSA. Employers and managers alike will be subject to this legal action. 

On the surface a hazard assessment may seem fairly simple.

"A written process to recognize existing and potential hazards at work before they cause harm to people or property."


When considered with a crirtical eye, as every hazard assessment should be, we realize the elements involved, and the wide spread effect they have on a company.

Hazard assessments:

  • Help build safe and healthy workplaces
  • Exist at the core of every company's health and safety management system. 
  • Provide an essential framwork for workers and employers to identify, assess, and control hazards
  • Channel efforts in the right areas
  • Contribute to worker training development
  • Contribute to inspection criteria development 
  • Contribute to the development of emergency response plans 

In Canada, CSA Z1002-12: Occupational Health & Safety Hazard identification and elimination and risk assessment control sets the foundation for adequate risk assessment process. Let our team assist you in its interpretation. From this you and our staff will be able to conduct thorough hazard assessments, reducing hazard probability and severity, building your safety.